High-Performance Stereo

Remember music? (We do) Remember closing your eyes, relaxing, and letting a song stir your soul? (We still do) Engaged Audio is still completely committed to the idea of faithful reproduction of music in the home (sorry, iPod).

Home Theater and Media Rooms

Dedicated Theaters are rooms designed to maximize the audio, video as well as convey the emotion of a movie. These rooms include video projectors with large screens, theater seating, proper acoustics and lighting control. Media Rooms are multi-function Family or Great rooms that also deliver impressive and involving movie, concert and television performances.

Distributed Audio

Play CD’s, Radio or Internet Music anywhere in the Home. Enjoy your favorite tunes while cooking, soaking in the tub or having a barbecue.

Room Acoustics

Listening to music or watching a movie at home occurs in a room. Up to fifty percent of what you hear depends on the acoustics of the space you are in. Improper room acoustics will dramatically degrade your equipment’s performance, while a properly treated room will allow you to achieve top performance.

Video Calibration

TV’s, Big Screens, Plasmas and Front Projectors all come shipped from the factory set-up incorrectly, because the manufacturers do not devote the time needed to calibrate every piece they ship. But why live with it that way? A proper ISF video calibration will not only make your display look twice as good, but will extend its operating life as well.

Lighting Control

Raise and Lower lights throughout your entire Home from a single location. Automate Landscape lighting to turn on and off with the rising and setting of the sun. Automate groups of lights to brighten and dim to preset levels to match your current activities.