The founder of Engaged Audio holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Digital Signal Processing. This provides IHC a technical prowess without peer and a unique ability to evaluate product capabilities. Engaged Audio enjoys in-depth expertise in such fields as:

  • Electronic System Design
  • Small-Room Acoustics
  • Audio and Video equipment calibration
  • Lighting and Home Automation

Members of Engaged Audio constantly engage in continued education via active membership in professional organizations such as IEEE, AES and CEDIA.

Outstanding Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our top priority; we’re not happy until our clients are! Within 30 days of product sale, we will provide unlimited training on how to use your system. Within 90 days of product sale, we will provide free service calls for any equipment which is not operating properly.

Product Selection

Engaged Audio is extremely proud to be able to offer a range of products that represent the “Best-of-class,” unequaled in their price ranges. Each product has been personally tested and meets our strict criterion.


  • Over 15 years of high-performance audio & video sales and custom installation.
  • Cooperative work with other trade professionals such as architects, interior designers and electricians.


Members of Engaged Audio are in the business for one reason: we love what we do! We are not salesmen dealing widgets, but individuals who have turned a hobby and passion into a career.

Paul V Kraft, Founder & President, Paul@Engagedaudio.com

  • Master of Science Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University
  • Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, Lafayette College
  • Seven years at a retail organization in charge of:
    • Home Automation programming.
    • Lighting Control programming.
    • Room Acoustics design.
    • Home Theater design.
    • Project Management for large custom installations.
    • Sales in High-End Audio and Video equipment.
  • Professional Memberships in:
    • Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
    • Audio Engineering Society (AES)
    • Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA)
  • 30 years of Audio & Video enthusiasm!

Continuing Education Classes

  • 07/14 – Universal Remote, Complete Control GEN2 Level 2
  • 05/14 – Universal Remote, Complete Control GEN2
  • 10/10 – Lutron , Basic Lighting and Shades Certification
  • 10/09 – Kaliedescape, Techical Boot Camp
  • 07/08 – Home Acoustics Alliance, Certified Home Acoustical Calibrator
  • 07/05 – Sencore Electronics, Video Display Calibration, Audio System Calibration & RF Distribution Systems
  • 03/05 – AMX Corp, Touch Panel Design
  • 08/04 – AMX Corp, AMX Installer Certification
  • 08/04 – AMX Corp, AMX Programmer Certification
  • 05/04 – AMX Corp, AMX Designer Certification
  • 09/03 – Imaging Science Foundation, Science of Imaging and Color Temperature Calibration